OK, so we’re blowing our own trumpet…Vibe! tradeshow app launched by VirtualXpo

From PSNE. Thanks guys!

UK-based digital media company VirtualXpo, has launched Vibe! – a trade show app that will feature ‘big data’ reporting and its own TV channel.

The initial launch of the concept took place at PLASA 2012, with the original release date for the app being set as January 2013.

According to VirtualXpo, the goal of Vibe! “is to bring the industry together in a unique and friendly collaboration that will benefit everyone.”

VirtualXpo’s Jay Green says: “We believe that the world should be one big trade show, with people and industries easily accessible and always open for business.”

“We want to eliminate frustrating web searches, marketing headaches and internet downtime by giving you an industry-wide trade show in the palm your hand.”

“When we first demonstrated Vibe! it was hailed as ‘genius’ by some of the most influential figures in the industry. We’re delighted that everyone can now download the app, see the potential for themselves and get the Vibe!”

Vibe! is due to become fully operational on any digital device by summer 2014.



Vibe! iPad_white