Having a trade show app is not enough!

Exhibition World Jpeg“Trade show and exhibition organisers must embrace digital technology if they want to deliver improved bottom line value for their exhibitors and added benefits for onsite and offsite visitors. The physical world is being disrupted daily by technology and VirtualXpo’s mission is to complement and evolve the current norm with an off the shelf digital platform that crosses all verticals. However, “we need an app” is not the solution!

Let me explain. From our own marketing experience trade shows, SEO, email, paper, websites, banners and social are all way less than 10% efficient. The metrics to support this are out there on the Web and denial of these poor returns by marketers is no longer acceptable. It’s time to stop, look and listen and take a new path.

So, we have devised a unique strategic approach that will allow anyone concerned with marketing and not just those in the trade show and exhibition world to globalise their reach with 100% accuracy 24/7.

The reason that virtual trade shows have not been widely accepted is that the approach was completely wrong. We’re not about clunky 3D and clumsy avatars! Our platform is a sleek multimedia event where everything you could ever want is available in one location.

What we are doing will not impact revenue streams in the real world, quite the opposite in fact. Mixed reality is the future and no one should be afraid of taking the plunge into the VirtualXpo trade show world.

We are not only complementing trade shows and exhibitions, but disrupting and evolving marketing, advertising, communications, apps and virtual trade shows themselves. No matter what industry you are in you have to drive the conversation and build relationships. Digital innovation is fundamental to achieving this.

And yes, we can replicate face to face…in multi language.”